Together with awarded film producer Tim Hamilton, Hilanders has produced a new short film for TeliaSonera International Carrier. The film is the centre of a new campaign starting April 20.

Life on Trial is a short film for TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC). It takes a light-hearted look at what happens when we take our dependence on connectivity to its extreme. TSIC plays an important role in this context since they are operating one of the world’s largest global fibre networks ­– the backbone of what we call Internet.

”There were several reasons why I wanted to do this film”, says director Tim Hamilton. “I thought the premise was funny, smart and timely. All of us can relate to the blurring of the lines between online life and real life.

Tim Hamilton is most well known as the producer of the awarded Truth in Advertising but has many successful commercials on his list of credentials. The film is produced for the US market.

Truth in Advertising is brilliant and we are of course very happy that Tim wanted to work with us”, says creative team Sasan Faghihi (art director) and Niklas Gustafsson (copywriter) at Intellecta-owned Hilanders. ”His sense of humour and for the absurd is exactly what we were looking for in this film.”

I love being part of the creative team. And to be able to leave the 30 second commercial standard format behind and let the idea command the length of the film is a fantastic bonus”, says Tim Hamilton.

The ambition is to increase awareness about TSIC with focus on the content market in the US where companies such as Netflix, Facebook and Blizzards’ work with improving user experience demands continuously better network capacity.

The film was produced in Hamilton’s hometown Toronto. Production company was Acne.

See the film here: