To be able to interact with customers in real-time within large-scale automated channels, i.e. at the exact communication moment, is something to many companies can only dream of. But it is actually possible. This was just the trigger that the Intellecta team needed to develop a new concept for the Swedish super growth- and marketing tech company Wiraya, who is planning to expand internationally.

– This is a really good example of a successful joint team effort between the Intellecta agencies Intellecta Corporate, Hilanders, Unreel and Wow, says Åsa Kellner, Account Manager and Strategist at Wow.

– Wiraya is a fantastic company at the absolute forefront of large-scale customer communication. What makes Wiraya unique is its ability to make real time adaptions to messages based on the recipient’s actions in automated channels. There are great business opportunities and we want to tell the world, says Rickard Waldenstrom, Account Manager and Strategist at Intellecta Corporate.

The concept, which is based on Wiraya’s product and offer, is about making large-scale customer communications human and showcase the good results achieved with Wiraya. Several of Wiraya’s customers are so impressed with the results generated by Wiraya’s cloud service that they avoid telling their competitors of the new opportunities.

– Imagine the paparazzi, you have to defend yourself from cameras and prying journalists. You are proud, but don’t want anyone to discover. This is how we imagine our customers feel when churn is reduced by 6% thanks to Wiraya’s cloud service. They do not want to tell their competitors how they achieved these amazing results in a short time, says Charlotte Banning, Head of Marketing at Wiraya.

For more information, please contact Åsa Kellner, Key Account Manager and Strategist at WOW, +46 708 37 61 27,