In line with the Intellecta Group’s overall ambition to grow organically by establishing offices on new markets and following and working with our customers where ever they go River now establishes an office in Amsterdam.   River has already both customers and assignments in Amsterdam, and time has now come to establish a more permanent business there to be closer to the market. As a start, a wholly owned subsidiary will be launched followed by a physical presence within a short time. The responsibility for the Amsterdam-office will be shared between CEO Robert Andersson and Richard Teroni, one of the founders of River.

 To open in Amsterdam has been a long-term ambition and now time has come. We have established a critical customer mass in Amsterdam and we estimate that the office will be profitable already during the first year, which is one of our criteria, says Robert Andersson.

For more information, please contact:

Robert Andersson, CEO River, 073-501 1263,
Lotta Boman, Informations-and communications director Intellecta, 070-735 0702,