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VisitDenmark is the official travel site for Denmark. The website is the largest tourist platform in the country, helping tourists find resources to plan, book and experience holidays in Denmark. The site offers maps, transportation advice, and highlights things to do. The website also provides information about Denmark, including geography, climate, famous sights and attractions, cultural activities, events, and wildlife.


VisitDenmark needed a new Drupal website to replace their old Sharepoint platform. They wanted to make navigation easier for tourists and content management more intuitive for staff. The new solution required an integration of over 70 multi-language sites and a thorough integration of over 25,000 products from an external provider. VisitDenmark had a wide range of existing sites with over 200 required features, and these sites required a solution with a large range of tailored Tourism features that could be enabled or disabled for each website.

FFW was under a tight deadline of only six months to complete this project since VisitDenmark wanted a solution ready to launch before the summer of 2012. In only three months, FFW needed to be ready to add content to our platform and launch several site solutions with the full solution scheduled to be launched three months later. Because of the large amount of requirements for the new site, VisitDenmark gave FFW control over finding the best solution for the project.


FFW worked with VisitDenmark to create a plan for this project that supported VisitDenmark’s goal of providing a platform that supported specific tourist locations in Denmark, each with their own unique site. Sites needed to be easy to use for sharing content across the platform, cloning pages, and translating pages to other languages. FFW built a Drupal solution for VisitDenmark that required implementation of an entirely new web strategy. The new site is developed in an adaptive design with two themes, so the website is accessible on multiple devices. We created a complex system with tailored permissions that allow for page and media content to be configured for general usage across the platform or utilized by the tourism offices.

In addition to permissions, FFW implemented a new domain module setup that uses unique settings for product integrations from a third party; theming options to adjust font, color scheme, and CSS; header scripts; logos; social media setup; and file manager access to folders. We built a multi-layered caching setup with two Varnish servers and more than 40 panel pages and content types. Several settings were implemented, like revisions, scheduling, G-map connection for nodes, taxonomy tags in multiple levels with API connection to product terms, quick adding of block elements on nodes, translation tab for nodes and terms, panel panes on node tabs, and more. We integrated user-friendly multi-lingual capabilities so the site could reach audiences around the world. To help with language integrations, FFW used a language module setup for Market redirects, unique language domains, cross-platform translations, IP recognition, and much more.


VisitDenmark now has a stronger technical platform that meets their needs of high performance, scale, and future-proofing. Adaptive design ensures users have a great experience on any device and supported across different OS and devices. FFW’s custom settings make the solution as easy and flexible as possible for content managers. The new site is now available in 70 different languages, and code optimization and FFW support ensures the site’s stability and security. VisitDenmark’s new site is visual and theme based, encouraging users to participate in campaigns and investigate further to see what Denmark has to offer. The new site has several third party systems integrated, like a booking system, a product database with more than 20,000 products (locations, sights, accommodations, etc.) Solr search, Varnish cache, and social media content such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, and Pinterest. Our Varnish cache servers supported nearly 20 million visits in 2014.

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