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Unreel, Rewir and Wow bring audiobooks to life


Storytel is an entrepreneur-driven company offering audiobooks and e-books in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Holland. It has been and a client to Intellecta agencies Rewir, Wow and Unreel since 2012.

Our common challenge was to build a solid brand and reach Storytel’s most important target group – women aged 25-55 with an urban, active lifestyle and profound interest in books/great stories – with communication that establishes Storytel as a premium product and market leader.


For the winter campaign 2016, we created a series of commercials showing the transformation a young woman experiences as she puts on her headset and starts listening to a great story, for example spicing up dull training with a thriller.

Distribution was through bought media: radio, cinema, online and electronic billboards in subways and other public places.


The campaign is a continuation of our work to help Storytel grow and increase sales. Our creative work and support has contributed to a doubling of sales and subscribers year on year. Storytel has grown from 10 employees to 70 during this period.



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