Case FFW

The Royal Library

In 2014, FFW began working with The Royal Library of Denmark, creating a new website and strategy. The library includes a number of small facilities and the Black Diamond: an iconic piece of Danish architecture, which is often used for a number of cultural events.

When we created the new strategy and website, our first criteria was to create an identity that reflects the elegance of the Black Diamond. Thereby, letting it have a more prominent position as a part of the visual identity.  Secondly, we wanted to accommodate the users’ different needs. Whether they are super users of the library’s academic services or looking for the next cultural event.

Part of the project included turning an offline map of the Black Diamond into a digital, dynamic wayfinding on a touchscreen. Thereby, making it easy for everyone to navigate through the many aisles of the Black Diamond. We choose to work with different sorts of elements, such as text, to accommodate those who do not navigate well on the basis of a traditional map.

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