Case Intellecta Corporate, Unreel

The Election Authority in Sweden

The Election Authority plans and implements elections and nationwide referendums in Sweden. Their communication mission is to inform all eligible voters. The information must be correct and easy accessible. Intellecta´s assignment during the so called Super Election Year of 2014 included the elections to the European Parliament and the Swedish General Elections. The project reached from the strategy process over to a huge production phase.

As a whole the comprehensive assignment embraced analysis, strategy, measurements, examinations, production of ads and communications campaigns through out the country and also media agency activities such as all media purchase for the different channels used in the campaigns. The goal was clear: all eligible voters in Sweden shall know how to vote .

Our strategy aimed to make the factual message relevant and alive to the priority target groups without losing clarity or simplify information too much. The challenge has been to, without compromising the integrity of the Election Authority, reach out in a massive media noise during this intense Swedish election year.

Production involved; media bookings, advertising production of digital and print campaigns and media motion production. Hundreds of originals has been completed and media was bought and planned out to give the most impact for as small cost as possible. In the implementation phase, we also worked daily with the campaigns in the digital channels; Facebook, Youtube and Google. This also involved daily monitoring of social media and daily reporting to the client. Special editions of the campaign has also been carried out in several different languages in a special aim to reach the new swedes who possibly lacks necessary language skills in Swedish and need the information in an other language.

Unreel were commissioned to develop a motion media concept for 6 films, three films to EP-Election and three films to the General Election.  The idea was to package the messages in an appealing and somewhat unexpected way through six different films. We called the concept ”Temporary interruption”. The idea being, viewers would be surprised when a completely different chain of events occurred. 

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