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Telenor Workfulness Lounge

Create a healthier digital workspace

Telenor Workfulness Lounge has replaced Idylliens’ store in Visby. Wow Events are there to help visitors to Almedalen get a sound and healthy digital workspace and to provide access to free wifi, possibilities to load the phone, to have a coffee and meet in a calm and comfortable space.

Workfulness means ”healthy digital workspace”. It’s also the name of the educational program developed by Telenor Företag in collaboration with the brain scientist Katarina Gospic. Workfulness is based on the latest brain research and gives concrete guidance to both decision makers and individuals of how to work smarter in a constantly connected online workspace.

Wow Events have organized breakfast seminars for Telenor during the spring of 2015 in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe on the theme Workfulness. During the Swedish political forum of the year, Almedalen Week, Wow Events have created the Telenor Workfulness Lounge.

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