Case Rewir, Unreel

Storytel – “the journey you take when listening to great stories”

Storytel is the world’s first streaming service for audio books and enables you to listen to powerful stories on the go, in bed or while getting things done. Today Storytel provides thousands of titles with thrilling power play, steamy passion, diligent police work, and gripping human drama to people in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Since the launch in 2005, more than 1 000 000 audio books have reached listeners or e-readers thru the Storytel App for IOS, Android and Windows Phone and the number of subscribers increase consistently.

Storytel is a Rewir client since 2012, and Unreel helped Rewir to create motion media as a part of their campaign in 2014. For the summer campaign 2015, Unreel got the opportunity to develop the concept with motion media as the base. The result is ”the journey you take when listening to great stories” captured in a series of films where listening to Storytel changes everyday reality.

The films are adapted to local languages and distributed in four countries in a range of channels – from online formats to motion ads in the subway and TV.

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