Case River

Philips Sound


The Philips brand was perceived as high quality but also a little bit… un-cool. The brand was mostly associated with light bulbs, TVs and shavers, which is a problem when trying to spark engagement around head phones and speakers.

The task was to make the Philips Sound brand more relevant for the young urbanities through a digitally centered spring launch campaign of the CitiScape Foldie headphones and the Dot portable speakers.


We don’t need to reposition, there is real strength in the products. We just need to talk more about them – and less about the product specifications.

We created a brand- and product relevant piece of content that can be spread and re-formatted for a variety of purposes and channels. Bloggers were casted to act in the film, and all got their own exposure and reach, which carried the Philips brand far far beyond scope and expectations. 

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