Case FFW

Pfizer RxPathways

FFW converted the Pfizer Helpful Answers website to a new and rebranded Pfizer RxPathways site, built on the Drupal platform. For over 25 years, Pfizer has offered a variety of assistance programs to help eligible patients access their prescription services. Pfizer RxPathways combines the existing initiatives into a single program, for better ease of use and accessibility.

The bilingual site is fully responsive and is made up of approximately 40 HTML pages for the English version, and 30 HTML pages for the Spanish site. FFW deviced a content structure, performed data migration, and developed an advanced technical solution, with key features including:

  • 2 dynamic web pages with the potential to populate information for 8 different services and 8 corresponding medicine lists on the pages
  • An interactive Program Finder module
  • Clinic Locator tool
  • 3 email registration forms, one each for: patients, advocates, and healthcare professionals
  • 2 interstitial pages – one for health care professionals, and one for the general public
  • Fully responsive design
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