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Mount Vernon Enhancements


Mount Vernon was the plantation home of George Washington, first President of the United States. The estate has established itself as a national landmark over the last 200 years and recently underwent a website transition. Open 365 days of the year, Mount Vernon is the most popular historic estate in America. Over 85 million people have visited Mount Vernon since 1860, when the estate officially opened to the public. Today, Mount Vernon welcomes an average of one million guests each year.


Mount Vernon’s goal was to better improve their user experience and ease the process of planning a trip to the national landmark for tourists. Their current website was missing some key features, like responsive behavior on its online shop, a customized ticketing process, and a custom dimensions approach to their current Google Analytics. Mount Vernon asked FFW to implement these features on their current site. Planning a trip to Mount Vernon requires special attention to the weather, and Mount Vernon needed a better way to monitor the weather conditions and display them to tourists who are scheduling vacations.


FFW worked with Mount Vernon to develop a plan for their site. Our team migrated data from the old site and then developed a new site architecture. FFW created a new design and themes for each page, ensuring every aspect of the site was optimized for best performance and great user experience. We implemented a ticketing system consisting of a series of screens and workflows that integrate with backend systems to store and retrieve ticketing, e-commerce, and membership related data. Our ticketing system allows users to add private tours for other events occurring on the estate. In addition to this, users can become members of the website and donate to the estate. FFW updated Mount Vernon’s Google Analytics using a custom dimensions approach to better record weather conditions so visitors could better plan their trips to the area.


Our team was able to implement all of the features Mount Vernon requested to better improve their site. Our ticketing system allows users to better plan their trip to the estate by simplifying the process for visitors and creating a more intuitive experience. Responsive design ensures visitors have a great experience on any device. Responsive behavior for the online shop enables users to access and purchase items from the shop from any device using a streamlined process. FFW’s custom dimensions approach to the site’s Google Analytics helps Mount Vernon record the weather conditions for their location and the weather from wherever users are visiting from. This approach also allows Mount Vernon to monitor the total visitation in comparison to the weather outside to see which days they will receive heavier traffic.

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