Case Rewir

Merging two of Swedens top consultancy firms

How do you handle a merger where the employees and your reputation are your bigest assets? When you need to make sure that you find a new position that isn’t either or, but best of? And at the same time is differentiating on a highly competitive market.

These were the challenges ahead when Rewir were to find a new brand position, platform and visual identity for the merger between the IT and management consultancy firms Acando and Connecta. After an initial research and trend phase Rewir and Acando realised that the biggest differences between the new company and other consultancy firms were two things. The first thing had to do with concrete actions. Working with Acando will help you transform your business faster, since it’s based not only on best practises and proven theories but also the ability to understand the customers and their situations. The second major insight was that compared to other firms, Acando always puts the customer in the front seat, making them the hero instead of themselves. With this mindset at place you wont get recommendations that are out of your league which means that your transformation will go faster. Based on this Rewir develop the new brand position and promise for Acando: Acceleration at heart. Strategy in mind.

Results so far has been that the new bigger firm has won larger assignments and also that they during the last quarter of 2014 saw a lower employee turnover than the corresponding period of previous year.

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