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Dagrofa S Wholesale is the leading cash-and-carry player in the Danish food service industry. Their primary customers include fast-food restaurants, cafes, and other food vendors. Meny, a supermarket chain owned by Dagrofa, puts great emphasis on quality, where food is put above everything else. They are particularly focused on offering a broad selection of meat, fish, cheese, wine, fruit and vegetables.

The Challenge

FFW was tasked with creating a strong digital presence for a brand in only two months. Dagrofa’s existing supermarket, Superbest, needed to be rebranded under a new brand called Meny with a new website and a unique design created by our team. Dagrofa needed a platform where food was the heart of the user experience. Our design needed to present everything from recipes, product information, and wine clubs to local stores. The website also needed to allow signups for Meny’s customer club and display Meny’s products in an engaging way.

The Solution

FFW migrated Meny’s data from Superbest over to a new Drupal platform and then immediately began creating a new design and building a new site architecture. The new website includes several new features, such as recipes, shops with a customized page for each Meny store, food commodities, and Meny’s brochure. FFW created a design that highlights photos of food and uses structures to display products. Our design is inspired by the aesthetic of cookbooks and uses storytelling to emphasize that the focus of the site is on food and experience.
Each page is themed with unique designs and custom layouts that improve the user experience and invite Meny’s audience to explore the website. FFW based our solution heavily on a strong content model by linking ingredients to recipes, types of food to related pages, and food types to product information. FFW built a user-friendly setup that offers maximum front end flexibility, using Panels IPE for easily editable section pages and Views for great looking overviews. Other third party implementations include Solr Search to integrate a robust search engine, Google Maps to find store locations, and custom integration to Meny’s customer membership system. We also implemented responsive design to help Meny reach their mobile audience.

FFW’s fast working developers delivered a complex project in only two months, building a site that could accomplish the goals Meny wished to achieve under a tight deadline. Now, Meny has a platform displaying a strong brand, and Drupal allows them to maintain flexibility for individual stores in the chain. No two websites have to look exactly alike, so they can be customized to fit each store while still aligning with Meny’s branding. Responsive design ensures Meny’s new website looks great on any device so they can reach their mobile audience as well.

After this project was completed, Meny recruited FFW to design Meny’s digital presence on web and apps, establishing a long-term relationship. A successful launch of the new brand shifted the the focus of this project from merely debuting a new website to a much deeper goal: giving each member a personalized experience. FFW is in the process of developing a member section integrated with Salesforce to provide additional functions and opportunities for each local supermarket. We have also provided ongoing technical support for Meny during and after the site launch.

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