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Maj Bank

Maj Bank is a new investment and savings bank and a subsidiary of Maj Invest. The bank offers accounts for all types of savings and investments and not debit cards and checking accounts as ordinary banks.

Maj Bank A/S envisioned a website where clients can get an overall view of their long-term investments and savings and make changes based on recommendations, knowledge and insights made available on the platform. At the same the solution needed to clearly communicate complex information and make it accessible and comprehensible to the clients.

The solution is optimized for tablet and desktop use and consists of an information website and a protected website where the clients managed their portfolios.

The solution is designed to give clients the opportunity to easily manage stocks and bonds on their different depots, in a framework that simplifies the process with lots of visual queues to make otherwise complex tasks easy for clients to manage, and play a round with.

This is coupled with an information universe with article and news in investments that is presented to the client based on relevance and interest.

Complexities in this project were on several levels

  • Integration with BEC (banking provider), NemID for security, MorningStar for bonds/stocks description and exchange rates and the security involved with handling the data.
  • To construct “strategy flows” that catered both to advanced and normal users, and allowed clients to try-out different strategies for their portfolios.
  • Generating PDF reports for clients, detailing the effects of their strategy.

FFW developed the solution in Sitecore 8 and provided architecture for handling data, integrations and security in the project. This involved communication with key third party providers like NSense who made the security evaluation of code, integration and data storage report. Furthermore, FFW had the responsibility to align Maj Bank A/S demands for data through either BEC or MorningStar to yield the appropriate result.

Preproduction and test environments are setup and maintained by FFW, and all deployments are handled by FFW though Cohaesio (hosting partner)

In collaboration with Maj Bank A/S, FFW had to conform to all rules and regulation required by Danish law when dealing with online banking applications.

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