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ISBIT GAMES and River make Instagram even more entertaining


With over 400 million users, Instagram is one of the biggest image sharing services in the world. We set out to create the world’s first social game based on Instagram.


Clashtag – an image-based mobile party game that taps into Instagram. Players can challenge their friends in a collection of mini-games, climb the leaderboards and become the number one in the hashtags they care about. Players can even use their own images to gain followers and likes.

The game centres around playful duels between friends or random contenders. Players try to beat each other in a series of addictive image-based mini-games such as “Puzzle“, “Fill The Gap“ or “Most Likes?“. What makes these games truly engaging is the fact that they are based on images derived from Instagram’s live feed.


Clashtag was soft-launched in a selection of European countries as a test phase. So far the results have been highly promising, with good levels of uptake and engagement. The game is scheduled for global release on iOS and Android platforms in the first quarter of 2016.

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