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Hemlan is a project to market an alternative to the Swedish Semla (a wheatbun filled with marzipan and with whipped cream on top eaten traditionally every Tuesday during the Fast in Sweden).

During the last few years the Semla-season has been expanded outside of the actual Fast and now spans the period January-March with about 40 million sold each year.

Rewir realized an opportunity for an Innovation case. Based on research and some key insights, a new, humble version of the Semla was developed in collaboration with the well-known Stockholm Bakery WienerCaféet.

The Hemla

A Semla can be quite messy to eat. The cream and powder sugar on top have a tendency to fall all over the place. The Hemla on the other hand have quite substantial benefits. The same ingredients are hidden in the bun instead of on the top of it, making it much easier to devour. The name Hemla also alludes to the inside secret (hemlighet in Swedish) found in the bun. The fact that the Hemla contains less fat, that you can have it on the fly and take it home while still keeping its shape are some few practical improvements. The well-balanced taste of almond butter together with vanilla cream and whipped cream in a cardamom bun gives a unique taste experience. The Hemla was awarded the highest rating when tested by the Swedish daily newspaper Expressen. “The Hemla is rather genius” was their description.

Also, behind the scenes the Helma is much more efficient to produce than its predecessor, the Semla. Fewer moments mean shorter production time and still an awesome product. So the Hemla is meeting four of the areas defined in ten types of innovation. But mostly, it is simply a really awesome bun!

The Hemla was conceptualized by Rewir and produced and marketing by Wienercaféet.

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