Case Rewir

Best Transport

A local day delivery service operating in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Malmö, is a coalescence of ASA, Idrottsbudet, 215 and Best.

The challenge of the project was, after the combination of the companies, to create new and better value for the client. Delivery services are still part of the traditional market where the only aim and value is to deliver as fast and as cheap as possible.

We’ve helped Best to create new value for their brand, and we’ve designed a new logo and a visual identity. The logo has a soft and friendly feel, along with an updated orange background color which feels young and modern, and definitely sticks out.

The brand value was developed with regard to the client and the client’s needs which meant focusing on service and flexibility.

Additionally, Rewir helped out with the internal and external launches, as well as applying of the new visual identity on cars, flyers and merchandise.

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