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Badgeville was founded in 2010 and is recognized as a global leader in gamification technology. Hundreds of high-ranked corporations (including Samsung, Oracle, and Microsoft) have selected Badgeville’s Behaviour Platform to power their customer loyalty, employee productivity and product enhancement programs.


Badgeville’s digital touchpoints were based on old technology and operated in a siloed manner, meaning that some of their large investments were not fully utilized.

Badgeville’s website was outdated and provided an inconsistent user experience across their various digital touchpoints. An increasing number of mobile visitors was “breaking” the user experience simply by the device that they were using. Additionally, users were faced with a complicated registration process that caused many potential customers to leave the registration process prematurely, thus affecting the number of account registrations.

Current tech investments weren’t able to interface or transfer user data between systems and caused an incomplete customer understanding.


FFW developed a new website with the goal of presenting Badgeville’s B2B gamification services to the end-client while capturing as much analytical information as possible.

The Badgeville website was fully redesigned by FFW. The flat design focuses on simple shapes, colors and typography to emphasize clarity and usability of the service. The introduction of new features and functionality positively affects the end-user, making the perceiving of information and interaction with the service much easier. Integrations with Marketo and Salesforce components were implemented to give Badgeville’s marketing team an even more robust set of tools.


Through an improved user experience, the rethought has successfully helped the company better engage with their customers. FFW achieved this by creating a modern digital platform that boasts an impressive array of tools.

Badgeville’s updated B2B platform includes 3rd party integrations with Marketo and Salesforce. The Marketo integration provides Badgeville’s marketing team the ability to embed forms on the site and capture analytics. Additionally, the registration process was integrated into the Marketo form, which allows users to register on the fly and gain direct access to specific content without the need to complete a new form each time.

The FFW team also set up an integration with the Salesforce login system. Drupal is perfect for CRM integrations, thus making it an effective platform for marketing and sales analysis, planning, and monitoring.

The responsive site created by FFW has delivered a 1,314% increase in the number of unique daily visitors. The improved registration process lead to 27% increase in 3-month retention rate. Altogether, in one year, Badgeville  aw a 125% increase in multi-visit users, and 658% in user engagement.

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