Intellecta CEO Yann Blandy appoints Martin Werner as the new Managing Director for River Cresco. Martin who has been working as General Manager of River the last six months assumes his new role on October 1st. At the same time five employees are made partners in the company.

Martin comes most recently from Family Business, where he was general manager for 3.5 years. During his time at Family Business, Martin also had the overall responsibility for customers such as The Absolut Company, Carlsberg and Electrolux. Before that, Martin worked for six years in various management positions at Nokia,  and as Head of Retail and Head of Sales Operations in the Nordic market.

– I am very pleased that Martin will become the CEO of the River. I feel very confident about Martin’s leadership, says Yann Blandy, CEO and President of Intellecta AB. – Martin’s focus on sales and customer development, combined with his experience leading a creative agency is just what is needed to take River to the next step, continues Yann Blandy.

–I am very impressed by what River managed to achieve so far.  You can feel the atmosphere on the premises and in the people that there’s a lot happening all the time. Just the energy and confidence, combined with the unique offer is what attracted most, says Martin Werner, new CEO River.

To strengthen Rivers competitiveness and secure continued strong performance, the current owners of River has agreed with Intellecta to offer partnership to five employees. Martin Werner, incoming CEO, Zeke Tastas, creative director, Nicolas Belloni, experience design director, Victor Mange Matin, Account Director and Oscar Elfner, Account Director,  will become partners in River from the 1st of October.

– The fact that we can offer partnership to more people means that we ensure both stability and continuity as well as increased competitiveness of River, says Yann Blandy.

– It feels great to have increased the number of partners. It is yet another proof of the company’s energy and enterpreneurship. The new partners have all helped to develop River for a long time. This step feels very natural and is proof of our common view on the future, says Daniel Matsuda, founder and partner at River.