Intellecta is a large communications group operating on several different markets and countries. It is important to share the same values across our companies and our values define us both as individuals and as part of a bigger group. We are constantly working on implementing our values and bringing them into our daily working life.


We strive to always challenge, question, and dare. To move outside the box when creating.


Intellecta should be a personal, inclusive, warm and welcoming mental meeting place. Our care even reaches outside of our general business focus, such as for instance our long-term CSR commitment in Kenya, the Gundua Foundation.


We are a result-oriented organisation striving to reach clearly defined goals for our customers and thereby for ourselves as well.


Our customers inspire us to always do our utmost. We are experts and passionate enthusiasts at the same time, which is reflected by the fact that our companies are ranked among the top three in their business.