Financial Goals

Intellecta has a long-term ambition to generate strong share-holder value.
At Group level, well-defined goals have been set for growth, profitability and sustainability to create the right conditions and platform for corporate governance. These goals are evaluated on a yearly basis and if needed revised based on external factors such as changes in market conditions and world affairs.

Growth: 10 %

Will be accomplished by targeted acquisitions within focused areas in combination with organic growth

EBIT margin: 10 % on agency income

Agency income = agency fees + mark-up on purchases on customers’ behalf

Solidity: > 30 %

Strategic targets 2016

Agency income will replace net revenue as the key measure. This measure is more relevant to our current business model and will enable more accurate comparison with international peers.

Agency Income:

  • Annual agency income will approach 500 MSEK, corresponding to a growth rate of 20–25%.
  • Blink Reaction, now a part of FFW, is included from Q1 (acquired Q2/2015)
  • Continued strong organic growth is expected for the business area Digital, and organic growth for the business area Strategic Communication is expected, at 0–5%.

EBIT margin on agency Income:

  • EBIT margin on agency income 2016: 7.5–9.5%
  • The lower level would reflect a conservative market scenario, with retained investments in combination with market unrest. The higher level would reflect increased growth and higher investment propensity.

Result/share for shareholders in Intellecta AB (parent company)

  • The target is a growth rate of at least 50% of the result/share at 20% growth of agency income and 7.5 % EBIT margin on agency income.