Business model

Value-based pricing

Unique and complex assignments – such as analysis, strategy, concept and business development based on true business understanding – generate income by value-based pricing for each case.

Hourly-based pricing

Communications competence integration – Intellecta’s most frequently offered communications services, with earnings mainly generated from hourly-based pricing.

Modular-based pricing

Packaged solutions – Earnings from more standardized and packaged products and communications services are generated from modular-based pricing.

We deliver services that fall on a scale from unique or complex assignments to standardized solutions. We have different approaches to pricing depending on the complexity.Unique or complex projects typically include analysis, strategy, concept and business development, based on a deep understanding of the client’s world. Here, pricing is often based on the value the project creates.At the other end of the scale are standardized solutions. These are repeatable solutions to a larger extent. They can be packaged and delivered on a larger scale, with charging based on fixed prices, modules, or hourly rates.