“Most fabulous game in the universe” – First Person Lover game for Björn Borg goes viral

Last week, Björn Borg AB (publ) launched its new spring collection with the game “First Person Lover". Behind the campaign are Intellecta-owned ISBIT GAMES and Garbergs advertising agency.

When you play the game, you are recruited as a love agent. Equipped with the power of love – and great clothes – your task is to save the world from forces of evil and hatred. You get to outfit your character with clothes from the spring collection, and can even buy clothes for real during the game via the Björn Borg website!

The game went viral almost immediately. Game critic PewDiePie, whose YouTube channel has over 34 million subscribers, called it the “Most fabulous game in the universe”. Soon after, game critic Markiplier named First Person Lover a “Game of the Year contender”. Just a few days after launch, the game already had over 5 million views and around 130,000 likes.

Developer and producer ISBIT GAMES, a spin-off of Intellecta’s daughter company River, was founded in late 2014 to meet accelerating demand for games and gamification as a key element in customers’ marketing communications. River’s gaming track record includes web games, companion apps, user interfaces and user experiences for many leading game titles, and porting of games such as Wolfenstein 3D to other platforms.

Markus Koos, senior producer and co-owner of ISBIT GAMES, says: “Games have been part of River’s DNA for more than a decade. It’s fantastic that my team has had the opportunity to develop this game for Björn Borg together with Garbergs. Praise from critics such as PewDiePie has helped us spread the game – it’s great recognition. Our next focus is finalizing and releasing our very own game, which is almost ready.”

Play the game here: www.firstpersonlover.com

For more information, please contact:

Robert Andersson, CEO River and ISBIT GAMES: +46 73-501 1263, roan@river.se

Yann Blandy, CEO Intellecta AB (publ): +46 70-716 1731, yann.blandy@intellecta.se

Lotta Boman, Information and Communications Director, Intellecta: +46 70-735 0702, lotta.boman@intellecta.se


Combining unique experience of both the gaming and communications industries, ISBIT GAMES is the ideal partner for companies that understand the power of gaming as a marketing tool. ISBIT GAMES offers game development and consultancy services, including user experience and game porting, and develops their own games . ISBIT GAMES is jointly owned by River (75%) and Markus Koos (25%).

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