Mando Diao and the e-sport star GeT_RiGhT can now add the title ”game developer” to their curriculum. Together with the newly started game studio ISBIT GAMES they are developing a complete new breed of games.

”The way we experience and take on entertainment is rapidly changing and we want to be part of this change”, says Björn Dixgård, the founder of Mando Diao. ”Earlier on we used to experiment with VR-techniques as a complement to our music. Now we are striving to break new ground by developing a whole new type of game- and music experience”.

Mando Diao has to this end contracted Christopher ”GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-player and winner of Player of the Year 2013. Since August 2012, he is playing for the organization Ninjas in Pyjamas. ”Christopher has vast gaming experience and is a superstar within e-sport, which will be invaluable for developing the core of the game experience as well as for the actual launch of the game,” says Markus Koos, creative director at the game studio ISBIT GAMES. “All parties are also contributing with totally different perspectives, which hopefully will generate a very interesting dynamic.”

ISBIT GAMES, River’s new game studio, will be responsible for the development project with the ambition to have the game ready for launch during 2015. ”Games have become accepted as cultural phenomena”, says Robert Andersson, CEO for both ISBIT GAMES and River and the project’s initiator. ”With this project we want to explore what happens when different types of cultural expressions are mixed. We are right now at the concept stage in an intensive create phase with the common vision to break new ground for games of tomorrow.”

“There is also the ambition to make a documentary of the project as it develops. Exactly what will come out of it is too early to tell. At the moment we are open for different ideas around partnerships from both companies and individuals”, Robert Andersson continues.