Intellecta AB (publ) continues to grow and streamline its consultancy business. Today the motion media company Unreel is launched to focus and develop the Intellecta Group’s competence within film and motion media.

Yann Blandy, president and CEO of Intellecta, welcomes the new company in the Intellecta Group.

-” We can see how quickly the market changes and how motion media drives mobile and digital traffic. Every minute 100 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube and soon as much as 90 per cent of all web traffic will be video- based”, says Yann Blandy.

The launch of Unreel complements and strengthens Intellecta’s focus on digital communications services.

Film has been an offering within Intellecta’s daughter Rewir up to now, but time has come to take the next step in the strategic plan to streamline and clarify the communication edges of the companies in the Group. The new company fills a void on the market by offering both conceptual development and production as well as distribution strategies for different digital platforms. This will provide the customers with added value.

Mats Karsvall, with solid motion media experience, is the Managing Director of Unreel.

” Not only do we focus on the highest creative level and best production capacity. We also develop strategies for how to best reach our customers’ target audiences. To us form, content and distribution is equally important”, says Mats Karsvall.

Unreel employs about ten people at the start, including account managers, creative, directors, animators, editors and others.

–  ”We have a super sharp team who master everything within motion media from strategy to concept and production. Our position within the Intellecta Group with sister agencies as Bysted, Hilanders, Intellecta Corporate, Propeople, Rewir, River, and Wow by Rewir adds to a great context. Together with them we can take a much bigger grip within digital and motion media in the future”, continues Mats Karsvall.

Unreel is a wholly owned daughter company within the Intellecta Group.

For more information, please contact:

Mats Karsvall, Managing Director Unreel, 070-799 13 14,,
Yann Blandy, President and CEO Intellecta AB, 070-716 1731,
Lotta Boman, Information-and Communications Director Intellecta AB, 070-735 0702,