Intellecta Corporate jump-started its new assignment for property owners Fastighetsägarna with a big change-program. The new and redesigned Fastighetstidningen has just been published together with a new site,

After a new procurement round, Fastighetsägarna Sweden has renewed its contract with Intellecta Corporate for the production of their magazine Fastighetstidningen. In addition to the magazine the assignment also includes newsletters, the site as well as spreading and sharing information in social media. A new form and direction have been developed to reach a broader audience within the community construction sector. While the magazine is primarily aimed at Fastighetsägarna’s members it is also the leading magazine for the property industry as a whole benefiting opinion leaders at local and national level.

To meet the new targets Intellecta Corporate has re-designed both the printed magazine and the website. The team has been expanded with new skills and the editorial approach has been completely revised to fully suit a channel-independent approach.

Reinhold Lennebo, CEO of Fastighetsägarna, Sweden:

– We are very happy to renew our agreement with Intellecta. Intellecta Corporate’s edge within digital channels and deep knowledge of the property industry means that we now can take the step up from a well respected magazine for our members to become the trade magazine for the entire Community Construction and Real Estate/Property sector.

– The Real Estate/Property Community Construction sectors are very broad and encompass virtually all areas of society. It is a genuine challenge in a trade magazine to reflect both major social and everyday issues. Intellecta Corporate has succeeded in balancing these challenges and it is an important reason to our renewed agreement.

Alexandra Kindblom, CEO of Intellecta Corporate and key account manager for Fastighetsägarna says:
– It is a great recognition of our expertise that we have gained renewed confidence. It has been very exciting to participate in the big transformation that this actually is. In this assignment  we have had huge advantages, not only of our digital skills, but also of our deep understanding of the industry.

The first edition of the new magazine landed in the subscribers’ mailboxes last week and the new site was launched in parallel.

Even regarding advertising sales the magazine shows healthy groth and increased nearly 5 per cent – this in an industry where advertising spending has stalled, or even decreased for a long time.

Intellecta Corporate has produced Fastighetstidningen and since August 2010.

For more information please contact:

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