Chimpanzees are, genetically speaking, like humans to 98.6%. It may sound completely bananas – but it’s true. They are also experts in collaboration, group dynamics and team building. This is the inspiration for Hilanders in a new campaign for Canon Business Center.

– The aim is to continue building on the Documentism, our philosophy that helps people work smarter with information and documents, and to bring new dimensions to the concept. We have chosen to work long-term with this philosophy to establish Canon as a partner to small and medium-sized businesses, says Per Axelsson, Market Business Developer at Canon Business Center.

The campaign centers around a guide on how the the work at the office becomes more efficient and generates better results when we concentrate on getting the most out of our pack. The guide is written in collaboration with author Tommy Lundberg, and is accompanied by videos with tips on how the content is put into practice – for example by using more coffee breaks.

The campaign site is also features a game where the visitors get to match their memory against chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are gifted with a great memory. And to reach their level, we as humans have to use the help of technology – or each other.

– We simply want to inspire people to find new ways to take on their job, says Felicia Lodin, art director at Hilanders, and continues: –I have started to grow a tree where I’ll sit and look around in order to get a new perspective, just as chimpanzees do. I expect it to be ready to climb already by 2038.

This fourth strike in the beautiful world of Dokumentism goes live on on 25 April.