Next time you visit one of Apple’s flagship stores, take the opportunity to try the latest game from ISBIT GAMES. “Warp Shift” is one of the preinstalled Apps on the display samples of iPhone 7 among other phones.

ISBIT GAMES has, since its launch in 2014, continuously strengthened its position both in the gaming market and with the consumers with games like “First Person Lover” and “Battery Hunt”. Recently it became official that Zlatan Ibrahimovic became a partner. ISBIT GAMES’ most recent game, “Warp Shift” is a unique puzzle game set in a mysterious world. The player’s task is to guide the little girl Pi and her magical companion through the ancient maze, where they are trapped.

Warp Shift ” has been compared by Pocket Gamer with masterpieces like “Monument Valley” from UsTwo and described as creative, meditative and refreshing. The game has not only won the reviewers and players’ hearts with its beautiful surroundings, its enchanting soundtrack and its colorful graphics, but also the heart of hardware giant Apple.

In addition to a brilliant iTunes presentation, where Apple describes the game not only as “a good puzzle game – but a great one – as proven in thousands of ways …” the company has now decided to pre-install “Warp Shift” on many of the iPhone 7 display copies in its flagship stores .

-At ISBIT Games we are extremely proud that Apple wants to use “Warp Shift” to present their products. We really put our heart and soul into this game, and it is amazing that Apple likes it so much that they want to use it in their flagship stores. This proves that focusing on quality always pays off, says Markus Koos, CEO ISBIT GAMES.

Warp Shift was first released for iOS, but is now also available for Android. Warp Shift is published by Fish Labs/Deep Silver.

Download Warp Shift from Apple App Store or from Google Play Store

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